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STERI-CLEAN® Missouri is a family owned, local franchise that is devoted to helping the families, businesses, schools, prisons and police stations recover after a traumatic event occurs. Steri-Clean specializes in biohazard cleanup after a trauma has occurred such as suicide/homicide, unattended death, blood spills, etc.

With STERI-CLEAN®, you will gain the experience of a company with more than 20 years in the industry, along with the careful attention and compassion that only a locally owned business can provide. Our highly trained team of technicians are available 24/7 to immediately respond to your needs.

Josh Copeland (left) donating to The Backstoppers Inc Non-Profit Foundation.

Josh Copeland

Josh Copeland, owner and operator of the Steri-Clean® franchise located in the state of Missouri, has a professional team of technicians specifically trained in their field to provide safe and grade A customer service. Steri-Clean® devotes its resources and knowledgeability specializing in extreme cleaning with hoarding and bio-hazard clean up.

Josh was born and raised in St. Charles Missouri, and became passionate about the need for a company that would be able to provide personalized care to its clients in the industry. Josh suffered from a loss of a loved one and was a client of a competitor company himself, and after experiencing a lack of compassion and integrity he knew something had to change. Just months later, Josh, with the love and support of his wife Morgan opened the Steri-Clean® Missouri franchise and have been providing compassionate service to the entire state of Missouri. When Steri-Clean® comes to your house you will never be just another number on a piece of paper.

  • Josh graduated from Linn Tech in 2009 with a Degree in Heavy Machinery
  • Prior to STERI-CLEAN®, Josh worked in the sewer and truck industry.
  • In 2016 Josh married Morgan right after purchasing the STERI-CLEAN® franchise.
  • John graduated from Truman State University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science
  • Prior to Steri-Clean, John was a job coach, working with and guiding developmentally disabled individuals
  • Josh purchased the Missouri Franchise in 2016

Mission Statement

We Restore Homes and Lives ®

It is the goal and mission of Steri-Clean to always be mindful of the human element and to maintain our sense of humanity in everything we do. We are here to serve whether it is in a time of need, crises or duress.

Vision Statement

We ALWAYS remember the Human Factor

Through continued expansion of our service areas we will be able to offer compassion, care and understanding to an ever-growing number of people in need. We will always be ready to restore homes and lives.

We will continually strive to educate and expand public awareness about what we do. Helping those we serve better understand their options and the public in general be more compassionate to their plights.

Value Statement

Integrity, Compassion and Honesty

At Steri-Clean, we Restore Homes and Lives through the principals of: Integrity, Compassion, and Honesty. These principals guide us to always do the right thing every day and for every client.

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