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Hoarding Cleanup

STERI-CLEAN® specializes in assisting hoarders and their family to take on the daunting task of cleaning out their homes. The Steri-Clean® team is trained in the psychology of hoarding to make the most progress possible. Compassion and understanding are the driving force behind a hoarding cleanout.

  • Free estimate and on-site evaluation
  • Pack rat/trash/clutter cleanouts – complete or modified to fit individual needs
  • Animal feces/urine cleanup
  • Search & recovery of paperwork, collectibles, electronics and valuables
  • Packaging and storage of personal belongings

For more information on hoarding, click HERE.

  • An estimated 305,000 hoarders live in Missouri.
  • Hoarding is recognized as a mental health disorder.
  • 5% of individuals are hoarders.
  • Hoarding often affects intelligent and professional people.
  • Examples of hoarding types: animals, trash, books, food, information, electronics.
  • Each year up to 250,000 animals are reported as victims of living in hoarding conditions.

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