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We deliver advanced professional grade odor elimination to all types of situations, with STERI-CLEAN®, you get quick and effective odor elimination services delivered by qualified restoration professionals.  The active proprietary ingredients are radically effective on offensive odors on any scale, including; cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, mold, mildew, etc. it’s one system that replaces many products currently in the marketplace and is environmentally friendly to the consumer.

STERI-CLEAN® is your answer for an evolution in professional grade odor control; not another air freshener treatment that wears off or a harsh chemical.  Our products are safe and cost-efficient for all of your odor remediation needs.

Bottom line, STERI-CLEAN® has the most ecologically advanced professional grade odor control products available.  Our odor removal product destroys odors at the molecular level without generating any harmful residues.

Our proprietary blend odor control solution is perfect for eliminating odors from areas such as hotel rooms, cars, homes, garages, gyms, locker rooms, boats, recreational vehicles, businesses & more!

  • STERI-CLEAN® uses a proprietary blend odor control solution that not only eliminates odors, but denatures them at the molecular level.
  • Most vehicles can have all smoke odors removed from $250.00 and up.
  • Smoke Odor can reduce the selling price or rent by as much as 35% or more.
  • Our technicians offer guaranteed 90-minute Odor Removal on most standard vehicles.

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